Snoball to Revolutionize Online Giving

Snoball Inc. today announced the launch of a revolutionary online platform designed to affect change through viral social giving. Snoball is the first to offer a user-friendly web interface enabling anyone to define and automate donation parameters, making giving social and easily replicable. The underlying foundation of the company’s approach is the “Snoball” effect.

Through, users anywhere can create momentum around donations for their favorite charities. When a user creates a Snoball account, they instantly have the ability to donate to over 1.6 million non-profits, with all of their giving managed in one central location. Using the platform, users can create a parameter for giving known as a ‘Snoball.’ Snoballs define a specific condition of a donation and can be tied to a user’s interests. For example, a Snoball may be defined as: “Every time the Dallas Cowboys win, I will donate $1 to the American Red Cross,” or “When I check-in at my favorite coffee shop using Foursquare, I will donate $2 to the local area food bank.” The specific event, donation amount and time interval are defined by the user.

Once a Snoball is defined and enabled, the platform’s underlying patented technology takes care of the rest, triggering the specified donation at the pre-defined intervals for the life of the Snoball. This can ultimately transform a one dollar donation into millions.

“We’ve created an entirely new way for people to give,” said Snoball Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer John Ludlow. “Snoball’s unique platform harnesses social media in a way that moves people into action for a specific cause,” said Ludlow. “By incorporating giving into our daily lives, everyone wins: charities, non-profits, organizations and the people they help.”

Snoballs can be tied to virtually any sports statistic, social media event, entertainment, or even the weather. Every user defined Snoball can be shared across social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare, encouraging friends to support the cause or create their own parameter for giving. As Snoballs get shared among users, donations begin to grow virally generating the Snoball effect. By providing an opportunity for millions of users to make smaller, more-frequent donations, Snoball has the potential to radically change the way charities and non-profits operate. An influencer, such as a celebrity, can leverage the Snoball platform to ask fans to join them in giving to a favorite cause. In addition, the Snoball platform provides centralized management and reporting of charitable donations for tax purposes.

Snoball is free for everyone – companies, non-profits and individuals. The cost to run Snoball comes out of the donation itself – approximately 5% of every donation goes to cover administrative costs and credit card processing fees. Users can rest assured that 95% of every donation goes directly to their specified charity. is operational today, serving individuals, organizations and non-profits.

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  1. Thanks for the information- I must say have not heard of Snowball before this post. I check them out it really is a great site for a great cause. Social giving I love it. Thanks.