Tech Elephant Mating Fosters New Mobile Species

mobileTechThursday, by Steve Guengerich

What a week, huh? First Google buys Motorola Mobility. Then, slipped in there quietly, Time Warner Cable buys Insight.  And finally, HP announces that it’s getting out of the PC business, ceding mobile to Apple and letting Dell battle Lenovo and the other APAC manufacturers for what’s left of the laptop business.

Not much air left for announcements like the reportedly $40 million acquisition of the UK’s largest coupon site by Austin’s Whaleshark or, for that matter, strategic but tiny-by-comparison deals by companies like my own, Appconomy, which completed the acquisition of mobile, West-coast-based commerce company, Yoohoot Media.

The week reminds me of a very prescient slide that Mary Meeker, she of KPCB, used in the summation of a slideshare deck published in February of this year.

Her slide, more aptly titled than my post, addresses technology wealth & destruction cycles. The illustration highlights that new companies often win big in new cycles while incumbents often falter.

Personally, I’m encouraged by the opportunity that these cycles yield in new ideas, solutions, and (ultimately) the products and services that take hold and carry us forward to a better way of life.

In my last post, I wrote about the greater Austin accelerators and related resources that serve as the breeding ground – to draw from the title – of new ideas and companies in our community. To stretch the metaphor just one bit further, we’ll soon have a mating season of sorts upon us for new ventures in the Austin area as well.

Some of the highlight events of the Fall 2011 season, where exciting new companies are spawning, include:

There’s no doubt that big changes are afoot in the software, hardware, and communications. It’s as exciting a time as ever to be a participant in these fields. We’ll look forward to seeing you at some of these events and others in the coming months.

As always, please add your comments, programs and events in a reply, so we can highlight other programs as well.

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