A Sampling of SXSMobile and Beyond

sxsmobilemobileTech Tuesday, by Steve Guengerich

My apologies for the tardiness of our post this week. But, to paraphrase a line from one of the more memorable #SXSW tweets I saw this past week, “am covered in sweat after 3 hours of scheduling and have only gotten through Sunday!”

Yes, no doubt that the depth and breadth of SXSW is so great that the question will be debated again this year whether or not the conference has jumped the shark – in particular Interactive. 

However, rather than think of it as 3 very large conferences, the smart play for quite some time has been to think of it more as dozens of smaller, overlapping mini-conferences on subjects ranging from Latin America to Robotics.

Among the larger of these mini-conferences, very clearly, is the sum of the mobile programming. Type “mobile” into the SXSW Schedule site and you will get more than 40 unique events across the 5 days. That doesn’t count synonyms (e.g., tablet or smartphone) or themes & variations (e.g., iPhone, Android, etc). It also doesn’t count special events, like the Ignite Austin program or the Accelerator, where almost certainly mobile will play a prominent role in multiple presentations. 

Then there are the evening events, a couple of which I’ll highlight, including:

Appcelerator’s kick-off party at BestFit Mobile’s SoCo digs on Sunday night, after which you can waltz over to Buffalo Billiards as part 1 of the Mashable House party begins. 

Mobile Monday Austin’s annual unofficial SXSW party at Fogo de Chao on Monday night, with the Austin chapter and its sponsors hosting chapters from elsewhere in the US and abroad. 

And once the haze of SXSW Interactive (and Film + Music) clears, what is there to look forward to in April? Let me suggest that is a time to get out of town and “go west” for a couple of focused mobile industry events in Silicon Valley – one by presented by GigaOm (in association with yours truly) that is for mobile enterprise leaders and practitioners, with the other by presented by VentureBeat that is for mobile investors and product developers.

I could go on, but then you wouldn’t have anything to break a cold sweat over would you?


  1. Thank you very much Steve! Our team @BestFitMobile is very much looking forward to a successful #SXSWi for everyone! 40 unique events centered on mobile across the 5 days = AWESOME!

    All the best,