Help Map the Austin Mobile Scene

Austin Mobile SceneBy nearly every account, mobile is the hottest area in tech. Looking at the data – from sales growth rates in hardware, led by Apple, to download volumes of software, represented by the ubiquitous app – the numbers are skyrocketing.

Anecdotally, the man who coined ‘web 2.0′ for the last trend, Tim O’Reilly, remarked in a recent NPR storyThe biggest thing that’s next, that’s on everybody’s mind, is the transition to mobile.”

Fortunately, Austin is well-positioned to thrive during this transition, with a number of companies succeeding and legitimately leading their respective categories, like recent newsmakers Gowalla and Qrank. But, like every ‘overnight’ success, this position is the result of deliberate investment and hard work by institutions and individuals for many years.

Groups like the Austin Technology Incubator’s Wireless program, led by Bart Bohn, and the grassroots mobile networking association Mobile Monday, championed by Enrique Ortiz, have been serving as centers of gravity.

Now that the early phase of the mobile market has been validated, it’s important to capitalize on the ‘fast follower’ phase of market growth, by further strengthening these groups and supporting other resources in the region.

One simple step in this process is simply to map the mobile scene. ‘Scene mapping’ is a body of work that Austin’s Bijoy Goswami and Heather McKissick have been developing the past two years, as part of their collaboration, the Austin (or ATX) Equation.

Through their inspiration, I’ve created an interactive strawman for the Austin Mobile Scene, using the same mindmapping software that Bijoy used to create the Austin Entrepreneurship Scene.  This is not a finished product – in fact, it barely scratches the surface of companies, products, events, associations, information sources (media), and people that represent the core of Austin’s Mobile Scene.

That’s where you come in: chip in and help map the Austin Mobile Scene.

Many are predicting that 2011 will be the year that mobile takes off in mainstream enterprise applications.  Austin and central Texas should be huge beneficiaries if this prediction holds true. Our strong semiconductor, communications and enterprise software legacy, combined with the early beachhead successes in consumer mobile apps, ought to serve as an accelerator of business applications.

I’ll talk more about mobile business apps for the enterprise in the next mobileTech Tuesday.  On a personal note, it’s great to be back as a contributor to AustinStartup, after a summer sabbatical.


  1. Ha! Saw this headline and was going to send it to you. :-)

  2. I live in Houston – the 'frumpy older sister' of Austin andwWe're holding our own down here, but t's very exciting to have such a thriving mobile scene just 150 miles away. It's also great to see Bart Bohn get the recognition he richly deserves. Maybe this mapping project will spur our city and others to do the same to make Texas a stronger hub for mobile business.

  3. Very good! Love it. Let me know how I can continue being of help.

    Interesting how you put MobileMonday under events, vs organizations. Both MobileMonday and Android Dev Austin are orgs that part are events…. perhaps you should have both in org and events, and an arrow from the org to the event.

    Please keep me posted.


  4. Thanks for the clarification Enrique – just a reminder to everyone viewing the mindmap, it is a wikimap, making it editable by anyone who has a mindmeister account. Perhaps we can invite people to “make a name badge and update the wikimap” at a future event?

  5. Thank you, Steve. This is really cool. Endeavor should be spelt as Endeavour Software. @EndevourTech. Appreciate this. Austin is the first.

  6. Steve – Great post and an important initiative for Austin. Mobility can be fuel for another job and economic boom in Austin for at least the next 10 years. I know Appconomy will be contributing.

  7. Cary Peele says:

    Hey Steve, cool post. The mobile scene map is a nice guidepost. Perhaps you could further divide the software section by genre.


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