Dachis Group Acquires Stuzo

I don’t often write about our news and announcements at Dachis Group because I don’t want to appear biased. After all, I’ve been working at the company for over a year now. But today we announced the acquisition of Stuzo, and I wanted to share the news here. With this acquisition, we now have an incredible boost to our customer engagement practice. When Facebook announced their “Preferred Developer” program, Stuzo was right there in the very first batch of companies allowed into the program. Stuzo’s technology allows advertisers to integrate promotions across multiple social platforms. Their high profile clients include The Coca Cola Company, Budweiser, HBO, and Chevrolet.

People ask me all the time about Social Business Design, and what we do at the Dachis Group. We help large organizations make the transition to being more social businesses. With today’s popular social networks, our clients want to fully embrace the new ways they can engage customers (and potential customers). Our consultants have been working on customer engagement strategies since the beginning of the company, but this acquisition now gives us some additional horsepower in terms of creative and technology execution that we previously did not have.

Several months ago, we announced the acquisition of XPLANE, the visual thinking company. They do some amazing work with some of the largest companies in the world. If you want a glimpse into the way that they think, and interact with companies, take a look at their new book GameStorming. It includes some incredible content from XPLANE founder Dave Gray, and Austin’s own Sunni Brown.

One of the most exciting things for me, personally, is seeing our company make the transition from thinking about the nature of a social business to actually helping clients become more socially calibrated. Not a week goes by that I don’t hear about a success story from one of our many talented consultants. It’s a great feeling to actually see a shift in business thinking, and positive business outcomes from our work.

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  1. Congrats on the Stuzo acquisition. The visionary evolution at Dachis is a must watch for cyber stalkers of the good kind.


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