Innotech 2010 Beta Summit Presenters Announced

I have the pleasure of hosting the Innotech Beta Summit again for 2010, and I have a select group of the freshest technology products that Austin has to offer. In prior years, we’ve featured companies such as OtherInBox (which has since gone on to raise $4M), Spredfast (which raised $1.6M), Game Salad (which raised $1M), Phurnace (profitably acquired by BMC). This next round of companies holds just as much promise. If you haven’t yet, you can register for Innotech here.


HBMG’s newest innovative is the VECTOR 100 Managed Services Platform which implements cutting edge technologies in one robust, powerful platform that makes standing up your office happen in hours and not days.  The Vector 100 makes it possible and practical to rapidly stand up a secure and independent IT infrastructure for a collaborative project and begin work without being forced to make a significant capital investment or to hire or assemble and schedule an IT staff.  Not only does Vector 100 enable big business infrastructure at a small business price, but it single handedly provides a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution by replicating to the cloud.

Hurricane Party

Hurricane Party helps you get together with friends by making it easy and fun to find and create spontaneous events.  Discover where your friends are hanging out in real-time, or start your own party by automatically notifying all your favorite people.  Hurricane Party bridges the gap between social networking and actually being social.


RecycleMatch is an Online B2B Marketplace for Commercial Waste and Recyclables. We make waste a resource and help companies achieve their sustainability and zero waste goals.


SocialSmack is a web and mobile reviews platform that brings together consumers and brands.  Powered by a real-time social stream, SocialSmack was created to provide consumers a place to easily share real-time, specific feedback on their brand interactions that also offers brands actionable, clear insight into consumer sentiment and the opportunity to engage in the conversation. SocialSmack’s platform can be used as a free service for consumers to share their brand reviews and as a subscription-based service for brands interested in gaining insight into consumer sentiment and trends data with a unique connectivity model for direct community interaction as well.

Ricochet Labs

Ricochet Labs was founded on the principle of a platform-based approach to addressing the Social-Mobile-Geo (SMG) application space. The combination of agent and server applications provides a full customer life-cycle, direct communications channel spanning lead creation/generation, customer activation, and customer retention/loyalty. The strategy is to develop captivating and compelling applications that engage mobile consumers at each step in their progression through the customer and/or sales funnel.  Our first application built on top of this platform is QRANK, a social trivia game that Esquire magazine calls one of the “80 people, places, and ideas that matter right now.”


Workstreamer, is a cloud-based business listening company defining a new category of business information as a service. The workstreamer platform collects information from thousands of sources like news sites,  press releases, blogs social networks, jobs data and contact networks, analyzes the content for relevance and priority then delivering it on a timely basis where and when desired by it’s customers.

About Bryan Menell

Bryan is the Managing Editor for AustinStartup and the CEO of Mahana. He is a co-founder of Capital Factory, an investor and advisor, and runs the popular Austin Tech Happy Hour with his wife.


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