OtherInBox Raises Additional $1.5M

otherinbox_logoAustin-based OtherInBox announced that they’ve raised an additional $1.5M in angel-level chunks from people such as Dave McClure (of 500 Startups fame), Kenny Van Zant (an executive at Solar Winds), and Naval Ravikant (VentureHacks and AngelList). This brings the total investment in the company to around $4M, none of it from institutions.

The company’s software product has a standalone form, and also works with GMail and Yahoo! Mail to help organize your email inbox. Organizing the flood of emails that we all get has suddenly become fashionable, as evidenced by Google’s new Priority Inbox feature. It has been reported that the company now has 500,000 users and is growing at the rate of 1,500 per day. I’ve had the opportunity to see “inside the machine” and can tell you that the team at OtherInBox measures everything. They know exactly how many users sign on per day, is that rate increasing or decreasing, how many open their daily digests, and how many users delete their accounts. A great lesson I learned from Josh Baer, “before we implement a feature, we figure out how to measure it.”

The company launched at TechCrunch 50, and has been featured at the Innotech Beta Summit and South by Southwest Accelerator.

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