Karmaback Announces Social Coupons

Today, Karmaback, the only online engagement and sweepstakes platform that rewards the community’s engagement and evangelism, announced Social Coupons, a new feature targeted at enabling companies to grow their online community while in turn rewarding the community’s engagement and evangelism. Social Coupons are trackable and viral discounts and special offers that companies can utilize to grow Facebook fans, Twitter followers and website visitors. When used in conjunction with Karmaback’s Social Sweepstakes, Social Coupons can convert Fan and Follower attention into measurable sales revenue.

“With Social Coupons, we now have a way to ensure companies, using our Social Sweepstakes to get new fans and followers, have a way to generate new measurable sales after the sweepstakes is over,” says Harlan Titus Beverly, CEO of Karmaback, Inc for formerly the founder of Bigfoot Networks. Karmaback is a member of the Austin Technology Incubator (ATI).

Organizations using the Karmaback Social Sweepstakes platform can begin a social coupon in seconds through the intuitive setup control panel. The social coupon is then posted to the company’s Facebook fan-page and/or Twitter page, and a link is provided to enable posting the coupon to the company’s website. The viral features of Karmaback’s platform, such as Facebook_fanshare rewards and Twitter share, ensure that the coupon reaches beyond simply core fans to other interested and engaged consumers. Karmaback rewards the community’s participation with Karmaback reward points, which can be redeemed for additional social coupons, chances at social sweepstakes, free product offers, and more.

With the Social Coupon feature, Karmaback measures every click, claimed coupon and viral sharing of the coupon to accurately measure true engagement and number of new Twitter followers and Facebook friends. Companies can also add a feature that requires users to redeem Karmaback rewards points to participate, which helps to protect the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP).

Publicly launched in June 2010, Karmaback’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform allows companies to quickly and easily deploy branded sweepstakes on Facebook, Twitter, and websites to encourage viral growth in Twitter followers and Facebook likes. Utilizing the viral nature of social media sweepstakes and now social coupons, companies can organically grow their social media community while rewarding the community’s engagement.

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