Karmaback Announces Social Coupons

Today, Karmaback, the only online engagement and sweepstakes platform that rewards the community’s engagement and evangelism, announced Social Coupons, a new feature targeted at enabling companies to grow their online community while in turn rewarding the community’s engagement and evangelism. Social Coupons are trackable and viral discounts and special offers that companies can utilize to […]

Caringo Raises $5M in Funding

We first wrote about Caringo two years ago with their first very quiet and secret raise of funds. Today they are putting out a press release announcing their $5M in funding. It’s hard to say if this is in addition to their previous money, or if they’re finally announcing that they’ve raised $5M over the past few years and they’re lumping it all together to call it a Series A.

Workstreamer Banks $3.5M Series A

I think it’s safe to say that early stage funding is going strong in Austin in 2010. It seems that not a week goes by without a notable seed round or A round invested in Austin companies. Back in April we wrote about Workstreamer, a business listening platform, launching their public beta. At the time they had 350 people in their private beta, and hoped to gain momentum and real customer insights from a larger public beta.

Zilliant Raises $13M Series….G?

Having been founded in 1999, Zilliant is hard to categorize as a startup anymore. The company creates the leading software in an enterprise niche called pricing optimization and margin management. Most people don’t really think of pricing as an elastic thing. An item’s price is the price. But even Walmart (the epitome of brick and […]

1TeamWeb Taps Out the Competition

My next door neighbor is Dave Thomas. (No, not related to the famous Wendy’s founder.) Dave, Karen, and their family have been great neighbors over the years and, while we may go weeks sometimes not seeing much of each other, due to being involved in our separate professional and personal pursuits, we always know they […]

uShip Moving Downtown

Austin-based uShip has been on a solid growth trend lately, typified by today’s announcement that they’re moving downtown. The startup is currently fitting 65 people into it’s 4,500 square foot office space on S. Congress. Their new digs in the McGarragh Jessee building on 2nd and Brazos are going to seem spacious by comparison, measuring […]

Cam.ly Sends Video to the Cloud

Home video security can be kind of expensive. There’s lots of wires, cameras, mounting, VCR’s, changing tapes, and other hassles. The people from Austin-based cam.ly hope to change all that by bringing simplicity to the video camera experience. Cam.ly will sell you a web-enabled camera for $129. It will do 24 frames/second at 640 x […]

uControl Adds $3.9M Plus Executives

uControl, which launched 5 years ago at DEMO, announced the addition of two new vice presidents and the final $3.9M of a $9M investment round, with none of that money coming from venture or institutional investors. The company exemplifies what startups and entrepreneurship are really all about. They started with a market and an idea, […]

Austin Tech Happy Hour at The Dogwood (7/22)

We’re throwing our summer happy hour at The Dogwood (formerly Mother Egan’s) and we’d like to invite you to come out and join us and the rest of the Austin technology community. There has been a lot of things going on around town, including new funding, acquisitions, and new technology leadership all across the community. […]

Gendai Games Adds $1M in Funding

Austin-based Gendai Games added $1M in funding from a variety of sources, including DFJ Mercury. The company makes an interesting cross-platform game development tool named Game Salad, and the iTunes app store contains many games built with their tool. Gendai has been around for a while, launching their beta back in March of 2009. In August of that year they were selected to be part of the Austin Technology Incubator. I chose them to be presenters at the Innotech Beta Summit in October of 2009, and they made a great impression on the crowd. This summer, the company is participating in another incubator program in Los Angeles, California.