Localiter Launching During SXSWi

The annual South by Southwest Interactive Festival has been known as the launchpad for web-based technology companies. The most famous is probably Twitter, but other companies such as Smule and Gowalla have launched during the festival. Austin-based Localiter is hoping to make a similar splash at the festival with their daily specials made possible by group buying.

Localiter will launch in March offering daily deals from Austin businesses. Customers sign up on the Localiter website to receive a daily deal via e-mail.  An example deal works as follows: If 20 customers agree to purchase the $40 value of the product or service offered, each customer receives that $40 value of the product or service at half price.

Localiter guarantees promotions that will rival their competitors while adding an Austin touch. “Austin is so much more than weird and wired; we are also well-connected as a city and we tap into this by incorporating local businesses into every aspect of our promotions,” comments Localiter founder Kristina Garza. “The website, for example, will have flip video interviews for each daily promotion so that users can catch a glimpse of the actual ins and outs of the businesses we promote.”

The range of daily deals on Localiter covers a wide array of products and services.  The Belmont, Lift and Taco Deli are among the first to offer daily deals to Austinites through Localiter.com.  Service providers like alterations pros Ace Tailors and acupuncturist Claudia Voyles will also market their services using the Localiter collective buying concept.

“You are offering a powerful incentive to hundreds of potential customers to learn, talk about, visit and ultimately spend more money on your product or service,” says co-founder Adam Helsinger. Helsinger adds that, “Localiter sets itself apart from other collective buying sites like Groupon or Living Social by focusing on Austin businesses.  Austin is a market that will support its local retailers over larger chains and we will prioritize that way of doing business by promoting and building a powerful customer base through an engaging new website.”

Localiter will launch in early March and recently announced a pre-launch contest; sign up at www.localiter.com before March 10th to be entered into a raffle to win a $512 cash prize to be awarded at the launch event on March 11th. The company will also be sponsoring Austin Tech Happy Hour on April 29th.

About Bryan Menell

Bryan is the Managing Editor for AustinStartup and the CEO of Mahana. He is a co-founder of Capital Factory, an investor and advisor, and runs the popular Austin Tech Happy Hour with his wife.


  1. Smells like Groupon.

  2. That's kinda like saying P.Terry's smells like Burger King. Which may be true to you, but not to others.

  3. I don't think Groupon or LivingSocial are particularly “un-Austin” in terms of the deals offered. For instance, the current Groupon is a Greenling voucher, not Red Lobster dinner or anything.

    However, if Austin is more socially connected than the average city, Localiter may be able to get on the radar and be the second or third daily deal site in many inboxes around town. This is ultimately good for local businesses as it provides them with a wider range of options in the group buying game.

    Hopefully they have the money to advertise heavily on Facebook and Google as LivingSocial and Groupon have done for quite some time.

    Let's also remember our group-buying history here and remember that MobShop, Mercata, and the (still standing) Woot.com started this concept, not Groupon.