Capture Design Gives Start-Ups 3d Edge

Capture Design, a local Austin based product development services company, has been on a steadily paced growth since its inception in 2006. The company hosts an array of services, catered specifically to startups, early-stage companies and entrepreneurs. They do so by offering a highly flexible working structure with no minimums or commitments, and by being just as fast, creative and responsive as their savvy clients.

Here’s what they do:

* Product Concept Generation via Sketches and CAD

* Prototyping

* Mechanical Design (CAD)

* Electronics Design – Digital and Analog

* Board Layout, Fabrication, Components Sourcing and Testing Management

* Photonics Design (Opto-Electrical, Opto-Mechanical)

* Thermal and Stress/Strain Numerical Analysis (CFD, FEA)

* Mesh-Network Wireless (Zigbee) Integration

* Embedded Controls and Smarts

More recently, the company introduced 3D printing (same day service to Austin clients) utilizing the latest in design and prototyping technology producing useful 3d models and examples. Capture Design prides itself on being the turnkey source for this technology.

Concerning the new 3D printing service, CEO Chris Carroll added, “Capture is always looking to create the best value for inventors and small business. The cost of Rapid Prototyping machinery is coming down, yet it seems the RP service bureaus haven’t decreased their pricing much. Having in-house control of RP fabrication allows us to provide the lowest-cost and most seamless path to a prototype in the customer’s hand. And for those customers with rush jobs, we have the ability to jump on their project immediately.”

For many “garage warriors” and product developers out there, Capture Designs is a great resource to transform that napkin concept into a working if not physical object. The value added in harnessing Capture Design’s engineering expertise along with their capability to produce 3d modeling surely puts it on the top of the list for any would be inventor in Austin and abroad.

In terms of the company’s ability to produce your product, Capture Design has a wide range of produced items listed in their portfolio, ranging from the most simple of designs to complex, electrical units and beyond.

If you’re interested in contacting Capture Design about your design needs, you can visit them at their website ( or reach out via Twitter (@capturedesign).

Additionally, from now until March 1st, mention the Austin Startup website and receive a 10% discount on services and 3D Prints for 2 months!


  1. Rolene van Zyl says:

    I would like to know whether 3D printing can be used to get an acurate dresmakers model from a real person and how costly it would be

    Many thanks


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