Resources for Austin's Startups from CoA's Emerging Tech Program

A recent ReadWriteWeb article got us thinking – what local government initiatives are out there to help the local startup community? So, we did a bit of investigating and here is what we found out:

I sat down with with Eve Richter, coordinator for the City of Austin’s Emerging Technology Program, to discuss the program and Austin services available to the local startup community.

She explained that the Emerging Tech Program’s main goal is “to attract, retain, and facilitate the growth of emerging technology firms in Austin.” That includes Austin startups. The Emerging Tech Program consults with Austin startups to help them meet their networking, financing, market development and business development needs. If you would like to take advantage of any of these services, contact Eve Richter at

Other City resources and partners available to the startup community include:

Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce: In need of data on Austin? The chamber has loads of spreadsheets available for you to research the area you’ll be running your startup. Also, they provide a Business Retention & Expansion program aimed at fostering “an innovative and diverse business community”.

Small Business Development Program: SBDP encompasses many new business solutions; however the most useful to startups seems to be the BizAid Program, created to help entrepreneurs move from one growth phase to another.

Austin Entrepreneurs Network: AEN offers help for an array of startup issues including networking, mentoring, and funding. They’ve also compiled a very comprehensive list of Austin resources for startups ranging from networking to VC funding sources.

Austin Technology Incubator: A partner of the City of Austin, ATI “works with early stage technology companies to increase their odds of success and decrease their time to capital and markets.” ATI includes a Wireless, IT, Clean Energy, and BioScience incubator.

The life of these services are largely based on the demand for them. If you read about a City resource you found interesting or potentially useful to your startup, contact them – show that there is a need.

For more resource ideas, see the ETP’s website.


  1. Austin Startup says:

    How is the Austin Entrepreneur's Network a City resource? Isn't it a private entity owned by a person?

  2. everichter says:

    Austin Entrepreneur's Network is not a city resource. It is a resource available in the City, like so many others, such as Austin Technology Council, Tech Ranch, Capital Factory, Austin Startup, and so on. I think the author was highlighting other available resources, not indicating AEN is an official City resource. A really exhaustive list could go on for days, and I would not single out AEN any more any of those listed above (or those escaping my memory at the moment).