Joel Spolsky in Austin 10/14 for StackOverflow DevDay (plus free ticket)

Update: we have been given one free ticket ($99 value) for one of our readers. If you’re interested, tell us in the comments what you think is the most important insight you have gleaned from Joel’s writings over the years. Bryan Menell will pick the best submission on Tuesday (the event is on Wednesday).

On October 14, Joel Spolsky and Stack Overflow will be in town for the Austin leg of the their DevDays tour, co-presented by Carsonified (the most excellent Brits behind the FoWA family of conferences).

Our own Jason Cohen from SmartBear is also speaking. The cost is $99.

If you’re not familiar with Spolsky, he is something of a developer god, famous for his writings at Joel on Software and more than a few bound volumes. He began his career at Microsoft and Viacom, but slowly built a national reputation at Fog Creek Software, a development shop he cofounded with Michael Pryor.

Fog Creek is known for its exceptional care and feeding of developers, general contrariness – and FogBugs, its flagship product.

Here’s a few of our favorite posts from Joel over the years. What are yours?

  • Things You Should Never Do [link]
  • The Duct Tape Programmer [link]
  • Top Twelve Tips for Running a Beta Test [link]
  • Designing for People Who Have Better Things To Do With Their Lives [link]
  • A Field Guide to Developers [link]

Stack Overflow is a more recent effort from Spolsky and team — a Q+A site for developers that has in many ways become a case study in community management. It is part forum, part blog, and part wiki, with a little collaborative filtering and social voting mixed in. The end result? It’s where the best developers hang out and answer questions, and the first place any up-and-comer looks for reliable counsel.

The SA team has more recently been moving into new realms with the likes of SuperUser – their Q+A site for the flip side of the coin.

StackOverflow Austin DevDay

Wednesday, October 14th
9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Monarch Event Center
6406 North IH-35 Suite 3100, Austin, Texas, 78752, USA
Tel: 512.371.1711


  1. Best thing I've ever learned from Joel: don't succumb to the temptation to tear up code and start fresh. Unfortunately I've not always been able to convince my engineering teams not to do it, and results have usually been bad. :(