Debix Raises $9.3M

The Austin American Statesman is reporting that Debix has raised $9.3M from Trellis Partners and Merus Capital. This is the only place that we’ve seen the news, and financial sources that usually report on regulartory filings have no information on the funding. Maybe The Statesman’s Bob Elder got the scoop on this one before regulatory filings?

The article also went on to report that seed funding came from Gideon Yu, the CFO of Facebook and Launny Steffens, a former vice chairman at Merrill Lynch. The company’s offerings must have hit a sore spot with Gideon, as he had his identity stolen a few years ago by someone who charged thousands in his name.

Congratulations to Bo Holland and the folks at Debix on the fundraising, and for being named to the Austin Emerging 100.

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Bryan is the Managing Editor for AustinStartup and the CEO of Mahana. He is a co-founder of Capital Factory, an investor and advisor, and runs the popular Austin Tech Happy Hour with his wife.


  1. Great job Bryan – what a great way to introduce out of town tech rock stars to the up and coming companies in Austin.