Zenoss Opens Austin Development Center

Zenoss LogoZenoss is one of the latest tech companies to open a development center in Austin. The company creates open source network and systems management software. In what might be a sign of good things to come, the company has setup shop in the same building where Tivoli was started.

In January of 2008 the company announced an $11M series B round of financing, led by Grotech Capital followed by Intersouth Partners and Boulder Ventures. A few days ago they released the name of their latest customer, SugarCRM, which is using Zenoss to monitor their infrastructure.

“Over the years Austin has built up an IT management talent pool that’s showing its muscle once again as evidenced by Zenoss’ new Austin office and Solarwinds’ filing for an IPO,” noted Austin-based IT analyst Michael Cote of RedMonk. “The developers, architects, management, and marketers here have spent years building up the skills required to grow and maintain IT management companies. Because IT management solutions address unique and challenging problems for the companies that use them, it can be difficult to find personnel with the specialized skills to develop, scale and support them. Luckily, Austin has managed to hold onto the talented people that can deliver on those needs to the benefit of numerous IT management companies, big and small, new and old.”

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