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GameWager LogoToday’s Q&A Wednesday is Thomas Marriott, co-founder and President of GameWager. They recently relocated the company to Austin. We talked to them about their online gaming website, and the reasons for relocating to Austin.

Tell us a little bit about what you’re building at Gamewager. When will you be launching?
GameWager is an online platform that enables gamers of all skill sets to play each other for money, prizes and recognition in PC games. (Console & Mobile coming very soon!) We’ll be supporting already existing game titles such as Valve’s CS:S, HL2, DOD:S & TF2. We’re loosely looking to go live to Texas gamers beginning of June. We’ll be releasing a new version of the site mid-May. (www.gamewager.net)

What was behind your decision to move the company to Austin?
Austin is now the 2nd largest gaming community in the US – if not the world. The environment, culture and talent pool that creates has been extremely beneficial to the acceleration of our growth…and Austin is kickass!

How did you guys first get the idea for the company? How long have you been around?
George and I met at Texas A&M’s business school where we were involved with the Aggie Investment Club and always looking for business opportunities. We have been gamers our entire lives and started GameWager in February ‘07 after an argument we decided to settle on a game of Counter-Strike. Taking it one step further, we decided to throw some cash on the line and the idea clicked. We have carried that mentality on to this day and settle indifferences now using the GW platform!

How has the company been funded so far?
Using a relationship we established through the Aggie Investment Club’s Billionaire Series, we closed our seed round middle of 07 lead by Todd Wagner (Mark Cuban’s partner in Broadcast.com). We’re pursuing our series A, but will not look to close until after we have gone live.

What are the current favorite games of the team members?
Our initial rollout will support Valve titles so we’ve been playing those quite-a-bit, holding weekly internal tournaments for $40 and bragging rights for the week. Being in the gaming space, we don’t have to try too hard to have fun! Just wait for the GameWager girls @ Quakecon 08!

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